Five Reasons To Consider Switching To Contract Work

When it comes to choosing the right career path, there is certainly no shortage of options to consider. Even when you’ve settled on a particular field or specialism, there are choices to be made, including whether to opt for a regular, permanent position at an organisation or going it alone as a freelance contractor.   Being a permanent employee can provide a number of attractive benefits, including a sense of stability or security. Permanent roles also tend to come with added perks, such as a company pension plan or private health insurance. Additionally, many people also like to develop lasting working relationships with colleagues. On the other hand, staying in the same role for several years can lead to certain skills being underutilised, and there is often little opportunity to choose the type of projects that you work on.  

Contract Work Is Different

  Becoming a freelance contract worker, meanwhile, delivers plenty of opportunities for rapid career development, and this is not the only advantage of this type of work. For starters, contract work is frequently far better paid than the equivalent permanent position, making it a great choice financially.   Furthermore, contract work allows you to explore all the possibilities available in your chosen sector of life sciences. You can opt to work in the type of organisation that interests you the most, whether that be a not for profit charity enterprise, a start-up, or in a cutting edge multi-national corporation. You can enjoy the chance to work with different people, both colleagues and clients, and in different types of office or environments, helping you to quickly broaden your experience and become a well-rounded professional.  

Enjoy Flexibility

  Another key benefit of contracting is the ability to pick and choose when you work. This means that you can better fit work around your other responsibilities, such as family or further education. In fact, as a self-employed professional, you can expect to enjoy a better work life balance overall, with many contract opportunities enabling you to work from home rather than commute daily to the office. It’s also easier to avoid burn out from long periods of highly pressurised work. You can take a break after each contract if you wish.   For the most ambitious life sciences professionals, going freelance is an excellent way to ensure that your career achieves all of your objectives. You will be able to pick and choose the projects or opportunities that best fit your plans for career progression, enabling you to develop new skills and experience in a short space of time. This will certainly stand you in good stead for the future, even if you eventually decide to return to a permanent role.  

Partner With The Specialists In Life Sciences Contracting

  If you decide that one of your 2023 career resolutions will be to make the switch to contracting work, then the best way to get off to a flying start is to partner with the experts. Here at Circle Life Sciences, we have all the knowledge and connections needed to help you access the best life sciences contracting opportunities, enabling you to focus on building your dream career. Find out more today at